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“Prone Specific is a gentler adjustment that has shown in our practice to be just as effective and in most cases report even better results than more forceful techniques.”
Dr. JD Haynes, Chiropractor Houston

Chiropractic is more than just pain relief but restoring function and healing to the body. The missing link to healthy living and being pain free is a balanced nervous system and healthy spine. As the nervous system controls the entire body, when we take the pressure off of the nervous system your body not only feels better and heals faster, but it can restore optimal health.

Gentle Chiropractic Care With Prone Specific Technique

While we offer a variety of techniques at Live Well Family Chiropractic, we most often use the Prone Specific technique because it’s highly effective and uses a gentle touch versus vigorous force. In fact, recent research shows that it doesn’t take much force to gain correction. It’s also been found that when more force is used in an adjustment it can prolong the healing process and in some case cause more damage.

With this type of adjustment, you will lie face down on a specific table that is designed to take the pressure off the spine so the adjustment is more gentle and the treatment is more effective.

If you’ve experienced twisting and turning from other adjustments in the past, you’ll be pleased to know that Prone Specific gives great results easily and comfortably. “Our patients feel at ease during this type of adjustment. They love it and feel great afterward. We’ve had patients say, ‘I haven’t felt this good in years after being adjusted this ,'” adds Dr. JD Haynes.

Our Other Techniques

As some patients prefer techniques that they’ve had performed on them in the past, we want to be able to give them options. That’s why in addition to Prone Specific, we offer Diversified, Thompson Drop, Activator Methods®, along with several other techniques specific for pregnancy and pediatrics. Our goal is always to ensure that patients are happy with the service and treatment that we provide.

You’re in Good Hands

At Live Well Family Chiropractic, you’re in good hands, literally. If you’ve never been adjusted before, Dr. JD Haynes will reassure you that there’s nothing to feel uneasy about. “I try to make my adjustments as comfortable for the patient as I can,” he says.

Discover how great you can feel with gentle, low-force adjusting. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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